Morrow Point in Gunnison Colorado

Morrow Point Reservoir is twelve miles long and is known for its incredible views and fishing. Morrow Point Reservoir is fed from bottom of the Blue Mesa Reservoir dam, 26.5 miles from Gunnison Colorado. The Morrow Point Reservoir and recreational area starts as a cold river regulated by a hydroelectric dam. This dam is visible from Lake Fork marina and camping area and highway 92 is built over top the crest of dam. The river coming out of the dam is rough and fast, but then slows as it travels further downstream. The scenery of this narrow canyon is spectacular. The easiest access to this river is down the Pine Creek Trail. The Pine Creek trail is a few miles from the Lake Fork/ Highway 92 turn off, on the canyon side of high way 50. You can hike down the 225+ steps descending into the canyon. Bring camping or fishing gear and you can carry in/ carry out a small boat. There is a 2 mile trail that runs along the river before it becomes Morrow Point Reservoir. Fishing is moderate with high flows making it difficult fish the river at all times. You can float down the river into the reservoir and set up camp along the shore if you’d like. Morrow Point has guided fishing trips available and boat tours. Anglers can expect to catch kokanee salmon, rainbow, brown and lake trout.
There are boat-in backcountry campsites in the canyon, for overnight trips that offer quiet serenity in the vast canyon. The solitude of the area will make you feel like you own the lake- it is rare to see other campers and fisherman at all! Unfortunately, at the end of every trip, you have to head back up the Pine Creek Trail. Whatever you bring down, will have to accompany you on the climb up the stair case of doom! Remember the river current will always make it difficult to paddle upstream to the base of the stairs, so plan your trip back based on energy level.
Morrow Point Reservoir has a Fishing Guide service and Scenic Boat Tours that are educational and visually amazing. Hiking down Morrow Point Canyon is not for the weak hearted so be prepared to walk the stair case of doom at Pine Creek Trail. You can also assault steep trails and rock walls around the lake. Morrow Point Reservoir in Gunnison Colorado is an amazing area to see and should be a stop on every Colorado vacation.
Morrow Point Reservoir is part of the Black Canyon which was made by the flooding of ice and rock through the canyon. This was due to the large amounts of ice and water that would follow this run off route from the Mountain near Gunnison Colorado and Creste Butte, many millions of years ago. This created a canyon hundreds of feet deep and a natural waterway that travels through the Gunnison Basin.
Morrow Point Reservoir is known for its incredible fishing so take the opportunity to try! Trophy Trout and Kokanee Salmon await your offering! The fish are abundant and very willing to bite due to the low fishing pressure. There are only 2 motorized fishing boats and 1 tour guide boat allowed on the lake so the fish don’t see too many types of bait. This keeps the action hot and fishing steady and anglers happy. Check out Morrow Point on your next trip!

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